Organic Kapok, Organic Buckwheat, and Premium Down


At Soaring Heart Natural Beds we fill our pillows with a variety of materials including wool, down, and latex.  Some of our more interesting fills are organic roasted buckwheat hulls and sustainably sourced kapok fibers.  All are comfortable and when matched with the right sleeper, make the Perfect Pillow.


Organic kapok - 100% botanical

Kapok fiber comes from the seedpod of the Ceiba Pentandra tree, one of the tallest trees to grow in rainforest climates around the world.This water-resistant lignin/cellulose fiber is about 8 times lighter than cotton fiber and many times more buoyant than cork, qualities which allow it to be lifted into the air by the slightest breeze, distributing the seeds inside to new places in the forest where they may take root. 
This airiness is also what makes kapok fiber an excellent pillow filling. It stays fluffy and light without absorbing body moisture, and it is practically impervious to mold, mildew or decay. The inability of kapok fiber to absorb moisture also makes it an inhospitable environment for dust mites, so kapok can help to control allergies. 


Organic Buckwheat - 100% botanical
At Soaring Heart, we use only use organic buckwheat hulls that have been carefully selected for use in pillows. The buckwheat is also roasted, insuring that the hulls contain no live mold spores, stems, flowers, or other foreign particles. 
Buckwheat hulls are a byproduct of milling buckwheat, and in traditional Japanese sleeping arrangements they are used as filling for pillows. The hulls move freely within the pillow casing, meaning that they fill in the contours presented to them, then settle together to hold the weight with a passive, individualized, breathable support. 
Buckwheat doesn't retain body heat, so sleeping on a buckwheat pillow always feels cool and dry.


Down—the first plumage of a young bird and the undergrowth of some adult feathers—is a great natural way to trap heat when necessary. For people who prefer to sleep in cooler environments, or for those who live in a cold climate, down comforters are natural gifts that produce wonderful, warm sleeping environments. Since down traps heat, down comforters can keep us warm and protect us from the cold air. 
In pillows, feathers and down are soft, fluffy, and shapeable so they can comfort the head and support the neck in a variety of positions. Down products are also machine-washable.