Organic Flannel Mattress Protector

Organic Flannel Mattress Protector

  • Did you know that you lose about a pint of moisture every single night? Some of that is released in our breath, but most of it is sweat and body oil and it goes straight down, into your mattress. Unpleasant right?

    Organic Cotton Mattress Pad are made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)certified fair trade organic cotton. They act as a barrier against sweat, body oils, accidents, and spills by absorbing the moisture before it reaches your mattress. You can't throw your mattress or mattress topper in the washing machine, but you can wash the Organic Cotton Mattress Pad. By using a mattress pad you are keeping your mattress clean, preserving the materials and craftsmanship, and potentially doubling its lifespan. How important do we think using an all natural or organic mattress pad is? Our 20 Year Warranty is contingent upon you owning and using one. Protect your peace of mind and your investment with an Organic Cotton Mattress Pad.

    Why go all natural or organic? Simple, synthetic materials—such as polyester—reflect body heat and raises your body temperature, which makes you sweat more. This can make sleeping uncomfortable for you, your partner, and leaves a clammy feeling in the morning. Cotton absorbs sweat and body moisture naturally, cooling your body and reducing sweating and clamminess.

  • Need extra protection? People with pets, children, or who like having a nice cup of tea or coffee in bed may want extra protection to guard against spills. In these cases we always recommend layering a cotton mattress pad (organic or natural will both do fine) and an Organic Wool Mattress Pad. Cotton absorbs moisture and wool repels and wicks moisture away. When used in concert, an Organic Wool Mattress Pad underneath a cotton mattress pad, they can block up to a cup of liquid.

  • Organic Cotton Mattress Pads are designed to last. You can wash your mattress pad as much as you want, daily if it makes you feel better, but we recommend washing it at least every two weeks (or when you wash your sheets).
    Only wash your new Organic Cotton Mattress Pad with cold water. Tumble dry gentle on low heat or hang dry.
    Organic Cotton Mattress Pads are fitted and designed to shrink-to-fit. Wash and dry before use.

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