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by Eoin Hudson November 13, 2013 0 Comments

Recently, as my clever title suggests, we at Soaring Heart have been expanding our selection of frames, foundations, and furniture. We make our organic mattresses and organic bedding to a very exacting standard that we hold as one of the core tenets of the company. We want that level of design, craftsmanship, and elegant functionality to be present in all of the products we offer. So, we have ventured into new territory and are now proud to offer two exclusive bed frames made for Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company, right here in Seattle.

Tribeca Bed Frame

The Tribeca Bed Frame by Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company

The Tribeca Bed Frame has just finished its lengthy design process at Special Projects Division (SPD), where each piece is handcrafted to order, and offered exclusively to Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company customers. Together with our production team, SPD has created a beautiful frame that emphasizes clean strong lines--filling the room with a modern elegance that's functional and built to last.

The Tribeca offers lots of flexibility and can be bought all together, like in the above picture, or in various combinations. The simplest form is just the platform bed, which is contemporary and beautiful. Click here for more images. Over time you can add a headboard, nightstands, or the footboard bench separately allowing the Tribeca to adapt to you and your changing lifestyle.

Featuring a soft walnut veneer and sturdy architecture the Tribeca is a bed you can build a room or even a whole house around.


Soaring Heart Upholstered Foundation

Organic Foundation by Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company

Standing in contrast to the Tribeca's smooth wood surfaces and imposing silhouette, the Upholstered Foundation is soft luxury with a minimalist look that's designed to highlight your mattress, making it the showpiece. Handcrafted in by HW Hoss & Son, each foundation is a solid wood construction with slated base for breathabilty. Made from sustainably harvested pine and wrapped in thick layers of our all organic wool, which is then covered in our designer fabrics, the Upholstered Foundation's beauty is more than skin deep.

A variety of options allows you to customize the design and look of your foundation, from its height and fabric to the headboard, allowing you to make it fit your aesthetic or to help develop a new one. Our foundation easily pairs with a variety of furniture and room decor. The Upholstered Foundation gives your bedroom a designer look and makes your mattress the centerpiece.

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson