We're Celebrating our Roots. Futons!

by LeeAnna Buis March 05, 2016 0 Comments

We're Celebrating our Roots.  Futons!

Soaring Heart Natural Beds Founders Day Sale

It’s Founders Day at Soaring Heart Natural Beds. We’ve been around for 34 years! And we’re still committed to the same beliefs and natural, sustainable business practices that helped us open the doors back in 1982. So we’re celebrating our roots; going back to the beginning with our signature product. FUTONS! This month, we would like to offer you a FREE Soaring Heart organic cotton futon cover with your purchase of an organic, handcrafted futon! If you don't need a futon cover, we'll take the monetary value of the cover off of your futon. This is a $120 value! In addition, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on Tatami Mats & Bed Frames!

Soaring Heart Natural Beds Tatami Frame

Futons have been around since the 13th century, but didn’t gain mainstream popularity in the U.S. until the early 80’s. Now, with the move to smaller living spaces, double duty rooms and the introduction of pod apartments, futons are even more relevant today. At Soaring Heart, we love the modern futon as a simple and transformative piece to solve space issues as well as quality of sleep issues. This is a life changer!

Soaring Heart Natural Beds Futon



You’re having flashbacks at this very moment about the lumpy, stiff, scratchy futon that your buddy had in his dorm room. That’s not the way we do it. There’s nothing “old school” about a Soaring Heart futon.

  • We’ve added a layer of durable, organic latex that naturally forms to your body.
  • We also developed a custom layering formula of alternating cotton and wool. These fibers compact less when layered against one another, increasing comfort and longevity.
  • The average mattress lifespan is about 7 years. (This is the part where you cringe, thinking about how long you’ve had your mattress). Not only do Soaring Heart futons last for years, we also offer a revitalization program. Futons will naturally compact over time. Bring it back every 5-10 years and we can revive the layers. No need to add to the landfill or make life more difficult than it needs to be. We’ve got this covered.
  • Speaking of covers, we’ve modernized the futon cover as well. We only use 100% USDA and Global Organic Textile Standard certified natural fibers. And let’s not forget the best part. Every cover is FREE with your futon purchase this month.

These are not the futons of the past. They are the perfect solution for your space, comfort and style needs today. Our website is full of great information on the sleep benefits of a futon and the health benefits of our natural, organic materials. Take a look and then come by our Fremont or Bellevue showrooms to test them out. Take a nap, roll around on a 100% organic cotton cover or challenge the sales team to see who can beat your record for fastest transition from bed to sofa. We look forward to seeing you!

LeeAnna Buis
LeeAnna Buis