Oldest Futon Contest Winner Collects

by Eoin Hudson May 07, 2014 0 Comments

For those of you keeping track, you will remember we had a little competition a few weeks ago. We asked our Facebook fans, blogizens, and fellow Seattleites to send us a picture of their old beat up futon and the story behind it. We got some good ones, but two stood out among the rest, there was a vote, the people spoke, and Martin Penner was declared winner of the dubious honor.

Here he is on his old futon, where he had been sleeping since his newborn son annexed the mattress in the master bedroom.


And here he is with his brand new 100% organic futon! We made him a new Organic Cotton, Latex, & Wool Futon, our softest and most luxurious futon available.

We followed up with Martin and he and his wife like the new futon so much that they're going to switch it out for their main bed! Now that's a compliment.

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson