Save $25 on all orders over $200

by Eoin Hudson April 15, 2015 0 Comments

For the month of April, we wanted to give back to our customers. The people that have helped us grow to be the leading provider of organic mattresses in the Seattle area. So, we decided the only proper thing to do was to have a Tax Holiday and pay the sales tax for all in-store purchases made from the 13th to the 30th of April. However; many of our valued customers are also from out of state. We've sold organic mattresses to Brooklyn, buckwheat pillows to San Francisco, and organic shikibutons to Vancouver. We wanted to celebrate and thank not just Seattle, but all of our customers, regardless of their geographic location.

Throughout the entire month of April take $25 off any order placed on the web over $200. Use the promo code 25OFF at checkout and enjoy your new, pure organic bedding. After making it through tax season you’re going to need a good night’s rest.

Thank you for being part of the heart in Soaring Heart bedding.

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson