Lasting Gifts for Kids

by Amber Shelton November 15, 2015 0 Comments

November is the month of giving, but it’s easy to get caught up in the Thanksgiving craziness. Visiting family, cooking a feast, and Black Friday shopping. That’s why we’re featuring two promotions to spread the gift of giving to the most precious little ones in your lives.

This holiday season we’re featuring our crib & twin mattresses. And for a limited time we’re offering a free pair of Cate and Levi baby slippers with the crib purchase or a Cate and Levi stuffed animal with the purchase of a twin mattress.

Cate and Levi slippers are made from reclaimed wood on the outside, soft and eco friendly fleece on the inside and, most importantly, non-slip grip fabric on the bottom for safety.

Cate and Levi’s stuffed animal collection features animals standing from 16” to 22” tall, Made from reclaimed or recycled goods, Cate and Levi animals are environmentally friendly and harmless to children because they're toxin free.

When choosing your free stuffed animal, pick between soft wool and soft fleece; either way you’ll end up with a great product and a happy child!

So, as you’re preparing for your holiday plans, keep Soaring Heart in mind for the toxic free and long-lasting gift that keeps on giving!


Amber Shelton
Amber Shelton