Mother's Day

by Eoin Hudson May 09, 2012 0 Comments

Mother's Day is coming up, folks, which in all seriousness, is a pretty important day.  It requires a lot more than just breakfast in bed and a box of chocolates, not that those go unnoticed I'm sure.  It's a time to do something special for our moms - and if you all were anything like I was as a child, it's pretty necessary. 

If you haven’t planned anything yet beyond a bouquet of flowers, Soaring Heart is having a Mother's Day event on Sunday from 4:00 - 6:00, featuring a live band, refreshments, family photo opportunities, and cozy freebies for Mom.

My mom doesn’t live in Seattle, so I can’t take advantage of this event. Instead, I’ve fallen back on a family tradition: When I was a kid,  on Mother's Day (and pretty much any special occasion) I would draw  what my mom called "Penguin Pictures."  They were basically a bunch of penguins doing odd things on an iceberg.  I liked drawing them and strangely my Mom loved 'em.  I moved from the East Coast to Seattle last year, so unfortunately I won’t be there to help scramble the eggs or make pancakes this year--but I can draw a picture of penguins.  It's probably been about ten years, but what the hell.


So, Mom, happy Mother's Day.

[If you cannot see this picture visit the website]

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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson