Soaring Heart Labor Day Weekend Special!

by Eoin Hudson August 29, 2012 0 Comments

Labor day is upon us, folks! It's the end of summer, but we don't like to think that way here at Soaring Heart. No, we like to think of it as the beginning of fall, the start of pumpkins, hot soup, holidays, and foliage. To celebrate, Soaring Heart is having a three-day Labor Day Weekend Special!

So, don't dread digging your car out in the morning--get excited about carving up the slopes while skiing, instead! And rather than shiver at the thought of the coming cold, picture snuggling up at night in warm blankets and a cozy bed. You see? Winter is great-- it just doesn't have the same PR as Summer.

We can't help you with the skiing, but we're determined to see as many people cozy and warm this winter as possible. Therefore, this weekend, September 1 - 3, we are making our cloud-like Linden mattress, handmade from organic Dunlop latex and Pacific Northwest wool, 10% off! But we want to see the whole vision realized, so we are making all Soaring Heart comforters and Sateen Duvets 10% off as well! 

Look forward to winter this year with a heavenly new mattress and comforter to curl up in!

Go to the special Labor Day page below and don't forget to enter the promotional code, "special" at check out for that 10% discount. 


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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson