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February 24, 2017 0 Comments

February can be one of the most bitter sweet months of the year in the Pacific Northwest due to wild weather and marginally improving rates of sunlight.  That being said, this is a great time to snuggle up in our Cypress collection and catch up on sleep, or better yet start planning your spring and summer adventures (ideally with a Soaring Heart sleep solution)! 

If are you itching to get on the road and take in the great outdoors we’ve got something you'll love.  Soaring Heart has partnered with a new company out of Kirkland, WA, Homegrown Trailers.  Founders, Corey Weathers and Eric Gertsman, came up with the design for a trailer that provides a healthy dose of creature comforts (toilet, solar power and a kitchen sink!), without sacrificing mobility and practicality (only weighs 2,500 lbs and fits in the garage!).  However, in our opinion the best decision from the folks at Homegrown Trailers was calling us about building three custom mattresses for each trailer (sleeps 4).  You read that right, you can hit the road with the bulk of your creature comforts and a Soaring Heart Mattress as an upgrade!  Since Soaring Heart actually builds the mattresses we sells, we were able to design a mattress for Corey and Eric that achieved their comfort and mobility standards. 

For those of you dreaming of the high seas, we have another story!  In 2015 an organization that hosts cruises for small groups/families contacted us to see if we could make our most popular collections (Linden, Tamarack, Rowan) in custom sizes and shapes for their travel yacht.  When I say custom sizes and shapes, I don’t mean 50x60 instead of 60x80 (standard queen size), I mean trapezoids of the Isosceles, acute and obtuse variety as well as one very precise ellipses.  After dusting off our Geometry books we got to work, made everything perfectly and even shipped the order to their boat in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!  We invite you to contact us to get a Soaring Heart Mattress in your boat, or the boat you will be dreaming on.

If your idea of a great trip is propelled almost entirely by your legs, start paying attention.  In 2015 a couple came into the showroom and wanted custom bedrolls that they could take with them when they backpacked through Denali National Park in Alaska.  Their goal was to have a lighter, hardier and completely organic (Our GOTS and GOLS certifications brought them in) sleep solution.  They said the bedroll had to be organic, because “if we get eaten by a bear and it eats our bedroll we don’t want it to kill the bear”!  Naturally, both of them wanted different firmness so we blended the latex and wool in different ways to achieve a balance of light and hardy without compromising the certifications or quality of the product.  Both the bedrolls and the customers made it back in one piece.   

Since we’ve actually built the products we've sold for over 30 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at finding ways to think outside of the conventional mattress-sized box.  So when you find yourself staring out the window in the next few weeks dreaming of adventures give us a call, shoot us an e mail or stop on by.  We’ve probably got a sleep solution for whatever you’ll be doing.  We’ve never made a mattress for a blimp, so if your adventure involves a blimp we’ll give you 10% off!