Keeping Cool and Comfortable Through the Summer

Keeping Cool and Comfortable Through the Summer

by Otto Wolf June 19, 2022

The summer solstice is fast approaching, and with that comes beautiful, warm days! At Soaring Heart we are constantly considering how we can best adapt to the changing seasons for a perfect nights' rest. From temperature regulating wool pillows to relaxed linen sheets, we've got a few recommendations for items to add to your home that will keep you sleeping cool and comfortable throughout the warm season.



Coyuchi Crinkle Percale Sheets 

Crisp, cool and comfortable, Coyuchi has taken their pure organic cotton and applied proprietary spinning and weaving to create a crinkled effect. These sheets are breathable and lightweight, just perfect to help maintain a balanced sleep regimen as summer temperatures are on the rise. 



Coyuchi Relaxed Linen Sheets  

If you've ever worn a piece of linen clothing before, you might know how breathable it can be. As clothing, the loosely woven fabric allows for heat to escape from the body. It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool and dry. As sheets, the material will have the same benefit, helping to keep your body at optimal temperature throughout the night. 

Coyuchi's Relaxed Linen collection is designed to be used all year, so a set of sheets can start off as the perfect addition to your summer, and then become a lasting staple for your bedroom as the seasons change.


Soaring Heart Pillows ~ Firm & Soft Wool

Like the rest of our Soaring Heart products, the soft and firm wool pillows use time-tested, certified organic materials. With the natural benefits of wool like thermal regulation and moisture resistance, these pillows are a wonderful choice for a cool place to rest your head in the summer. 

Our Firm wool pillow is thick and lofty, ideal for side sleepers, filling the space between your shoulders and head. Our soft wool allows you to sink in, perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Each pillow is handmade at our warehouse in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. 


Coyuchi Topanga Matelasse Organic Blanket 

Using their 100% organic cotton, Coyuchi's Topanga blankets and throws have a soft, rippled texture that is woven with colored and undyed yarns. Combined with a crinkled finish, the result is an airy, pliable and reversible blanket that will expand and contract over time. Perfect as either a new addition to your bed, or as a supplemental blanket to provide the base for a summer picnic! 

Otto Wolf
Otto Wolf


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