Tatami Mats

  • Whether used simply with slats on the floor or on a Tatami Frame, these beautiful, breathable, tatami mats provide the perfect surface to support your natural bed - solid, with just enough bounce. They also allow you to place a thin futon or shikibuton on a slatted frame with no worries about feeling the slats underneath.

    Made from over 70 lbs of rice straw compressed to just 2" thick, these tatamis are quite solid, yet they're wonderfully breathable, and the more air circulating around your natural bed, the better. The mats feature an attractive black & gold embroidered border that provides a subtle Asian accent for your bedroom.

    Our tatami mats are made in Taiwan and are heat treated, not chemically treated. Customers with high sensitivity should note that our tatami mats are made of grass and, especially when new, will have a cut grass odor. This odor will dissipate in time.

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    • Classic japanese design double strength woven rush grass tatami w/moisture barrier backing. 
    • Made from rubber-wood 

  • History of Tatami: Tatami mats come to you straight from the Far East, where they have been making Tatami for hundreds of years. Tatami mats started as floor coverings and were also used to make chairs or benches by placing several Tatami on top of each other. When they were first made, Tatami mats were seen as luxury items for the wealthy when most people had dirt floors. Another function of Tatami was to indicate rank. The most exalted members of a ceremony or gathering were given the privilege of sitting on the Tatami, while others sat on the wooden floor. Tatami mats are much more widely used today, but are still employed for Japanese religious rites and tea ceremonies.

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