Handcrafted, Organic Sofas by EcoBalanza

About EcoBalanza 

For more than ten years, EcoBalanza has been handcrafting luxury upholstered furniture that is safe for your home or business and kind to the environment from our workshop in Seattle. We use only natural, non-toxic and 3rd party certified organic materials which are sourced locally whenever possible. Our team of skilled artisans use old-world techniques to create each sofa, chair, ottoman or headboard to ensure the highest quality and lasting comfort, guaranteed.

EcoBalanza's CEO, Aimee Robinson

For most of her adult life, EcoBalanza's CEO, Aimee Robinson has been committed to two ideas: Preserving the environment and advancing social justice. She took her first steps to helping create living environments that are free from harmful chemicals when she opened Greener Lifestyles, one of the first ‘green’ home stores in Seattle. She soon found that she was unable to source the organic, sustainable upholstered pieces her customers were asking for. So, she set out to craft them herself. Today, Aimee is on a mission to create the ultimate sofa (chair, sectional, ottoman and headboard), one that is beautiful and comfortable yet embodies healthful living, environmental preservation and social responsibility.


Soaring Heart is happy to be partnering with EcoBalanza to offer beautiful, custom organic sofas, chairs and beds.  Each piece is handcrafted using only the best in certified organic latex, wool, kapok and cotton just like Soaring Heart's bedding.

If you would like more information or pricing please call or email our organic bedding specialists.





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