Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company's History


Soaring Heart is here today because of our belief that everyone's sleep can be better. Our 34 years of bed-building experience has convinced us that all organic and natural bedding is a part of healthy living that should not be taken for granted. After all, we spend 30 percent of our lives in bed, and all of that sleep should be restorative, deep and profoundly comfortable.

Soaring Heart has always been a little different from other mattress stores. From the beginning our customer service has been focused on finding folks the best sleep products they need -- whether we build them or not. We've studied everything from 2,000 year old Japanese bed-building traditions to the latest in consumer protection regulations in order to ensure our products will pass the test of time, comfort and top-notch craftsmanship.

Over the years a lot has changed and Soaring Heart has changed too. But what hasn't changed is our commitment to listen to our customers and provide you the best sleep choices we can. For 30 years we've been working out of the same location in Seattle's off-beat Fremont neighborhood (sometimes known as the Center of the Universe). Today our neighbors include craft beer makers, the best in local chocolatiers, high-tech firms and some of the finest research facilities in the world which makes us think people love to flock around us great sleepers.

Since 1982 everyone at Soaring Heart has worked hard to build our small business into a sustainable, healthy community partner that is here for the long-haul. With just 15 employees we're happy to call our neighborhood home, our coworkers friends (and family), and we try our very best to make every one of our customers an advocate. Like our products, you can rest assured that Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is built to last at least for the next 30 years!