Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company's Partners


Our sheep ranchers

Soaring Heart Natural Beds has been making the most comfortable handcrafted organic mattresses and bedding for over 30 years. Over those three decades we have worked hard to find a dedicated and passionate group of suppliers. Folks who understand our commitment to go the extra mile to meet our exacting specifications. Our goal is to make sure everyone who sleeps in our beds can rest assured that every stitch has been put in place by someone who cares.


Wool is an integral part of our mattresses and we take it very seriously.  We source our wool from small family ranchers in New Zealand. We use a special blend of wool from 8 different breeds and then make sure all the washing, processing and handling meets exacting standards for purity. We are pleased to use certified organic wool in all our products and make sure members of our team have the time to visit the mill, help out with sheep shearing, and understand all the steps from the ranch to your bed.



At the heart of every Soaring Heart bed and in the case of every mattress is top quality organic cotton. Our USDA certified organic cotton batting comes from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Coop (TOCMC) and is grown by a select group of farmers who are committed to growing cotton without synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or harmful bleaching. Our organic fabrics come from suppliers around the world who certify their products and stand behind these guarantees. It's a pleasure for us to work with these conscientious suppliers and we're confident you will notice the difference when you cuddle up in our bedding!


Latex, processed from the sap of the rubber tree, provides us with a luxurious, resilient core bedding layer without the use of any petroleum based by-products. Our GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified Dunlap processed latex comes from Sri Lanka and you can watch every step of their manufacturing process right here. Sleep Comp West/Latexco is our US supplier and certifier of all our latex and we're confident that their diligence will provide you with both the most comfortable and highest quality organic latex mattress you'll find anywhere.


Spring Back Recycling exists to create employment opportunities for disenfranchised men through a sustainable business model of waste diversion. Incorporated as 501(c)3 non-profit organization in April 2012, Spring Back began in the spring of 2010 as a project by the Belmont University Enactus (then Students in Free Enterprise) team who explored mattress recycling as a means of achieving a triple bottom line by serving people, renewing the planet, and sustainably earning a profit. After a year of research, financial modeling, and experimentation, the Enactus team partnered with Belmont Church and their Isaiah 58 ministry to enact its model. The Nashville pilot was a great success: both holistically serving its employees and fully recycling thousands of mattresses, all while making economic sense. Today, Spring Back Recycling is expanding to other communities across the United States to multiply its impact as the first and only social enterprise to recycle mattresses fully. Spring Back hopes to change the way businesses and consumers react to the disenfranchised and to used materials. Rather than discarding people and disposing of waste, Spring Back is redefining recycling.

Each Spring Back Recycling location is unique.