The People Who Make Soaring Heart Natural Bed Co.


Soaring Heart Employees

When we say we're a small company, we mean it. We have a total of fifteen members in our little Soaring Heart family - that's all. With 15 employees and shop hours from 10-7 seven days a week, we all wear a lot of different hats everyday. We're a diverse team - we have musicians, artists, writers, students, hikers and great cooks - but from whatever walk of life, we're all interested in how well we sleep.

Production & Procurement

Soaring Heart beds require both craftsmanship and patience. First because our all organic, all natural raw materials demand perfect placement and layering. Second, because we stand behind everything we make, our builders must follow time-tested (and complex) build specifications assuring that your simple, elegant mattress is guaranteed to the core. We're also fortunate to have a team of expert seamstresses at Soaring Heart. With decades of experience we're confident that we can build pretty much any design our customers might demand. We know how to put the heart into every stitch we sew.

Production: Brian, Annan & Eric
Sewing: Re, Le, Nguyet, Cameron & Kirsten
Production Team

Procurement is also a critical part of every product Soaring Heart sells. Over the decades we've built strong supplier relationships to help us certify the organic, all natural and non-toxic nature of our products. We want our customers to rest assured that they are sleeping on the best raw materials we can find and that we go out of our way to assure we meet or exceed all regulations for safe, healthy bedding. Part of everyone's job is to make sure we are ordering and building to exacting specifications as well as our customer's specific needs. While this might be challenging it's part of the fun of working here!

Sales & Customer Service

As our first line of customer contact everyone on our sales team is dedicated to being fully available to you whenever you need us. We are committed to a no hassle shopping experience. No question is out of order. We are here to educate our customers first. We believe our sales flow from understanding every customer's unique needs.

Sales: Jeff, Louis, Kim, Rob, Lynn & Eugenia
Logistics: Conner & Aaron
Soaring Heart Sales Team

Our services don't end once you've picked your ideal bedding we want to make sure everyone can get their purchases home and set up where and when they need them. Whether it's a web order for a king size bed to be shipped across country or a pillow being picking up after work for a friend in the hospital, we want to be sure you get what you need. Our logistics & delivery team is constantly on the lookout for new ways to recycle old mattresses, ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and ways to package our products in ever more environmentally friendly ways. Logistics also helps us navigate any thorny service questions and/or freight claims.

Management & Administration
 - Mike Schaefer & Mindy

If there's anyone committed to keeping the heart in our work it's our Owner and President, Mike Schaefer. With a lifetime's commitment to hand-crafted products (as well as the more typical challenges like building his own house), Mike gets what it takes to build something with patience, the right raw materials and well, heart. He's also committed to continuing Soaring Heart's decades long support for community services ranging from public radio advertising to our quarterly Charity Pillow Builds on behalf of great organizations like Children's Hospital, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and homeless shelters, such as Seattle's Plymouth Housing Group. Soaring Heart believes we all sleep better knowing we are members of healthy, vibrant communities and when it comes to the personal touch side of the business, Mike wants to be sure we all have time to say thanks.

If you're doing business with Soaring Heart you're likely connected with Mindy McMahon, who handles everything related to our books and accounting. As they say, the buck has to stop somewhere and Mindy's desk (the cleanest one around) is set-up to keep us on the straight and narrow.