Alpine Classic


Our original European-style mattress, the Alpine Classic has a 15-year track record of performance. Known for its consistency and pressure reduction, Alpine’s current design incorporates a European pocketed base-coil and a 2” top layer of Talalay latex. This combination provides responsiveness while maintaining a smooth, even, balanced feel.

A livelier dynamic than the Latex Classic, the Alpine Classic remains free from motion transfer and roll-together. It also offers good airflow for body temperature management which is an essential element in overall sleep comfort. 

  • 2” Eco-certified Talalay latex
  • 1,200 European pocketed base coils
  • Stretch-knit cotton and wool cover
  • Available in a range of firmness options
  • Eco-certified components

  • Reliable performance and comfort
  • Get the firmness that is right for you
  • Creates breathable sleep environment
  • A amazing value

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY. Shipping Not Available. Please call our Soaring Heart locations for more information or email us at to set up a Comfort Consultation.  

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