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Nordic II HDM


Our Nordic mattresses are known for their luxurious take on support, but the Nordic II HDM is our most sophisticated mattress offered. Three unique coil layers include 5,200 independent coils total, these are engineered to provide a rare combination of airflow, pressure reduction, density, and strength. The result is a mattress that accommodates your curves and relieves pressure while lifting to support your waist, lower back, and knees. 

Encased in a breathable cotton and wool cover, the Nordic II HDM encourages airflow for improved temperature regulation. To achieve maximum performance and comfort.

  • 3.5″ total of Talalay latex
  • 4,000 pocketed high definition microcoils
  • 1,200 nested European base coils
  • Stretch-knit cotton and wool cover
  • Eco-certified components
  • Available in a range of firmness options

  • Supports comfortable side and back sleeping
  • No motion transfer for disturbance-free sleep
  • Enjoy the comfort of “cooler” sleeping
  • Sustained performance over the life of the mattress
  • Get the firmness that is right for you

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    Warranty and Exchange Policy for European Sleep Works: Soaring Heart Natural Beds will honor the same warranty and exchange policy offered by European Sleep Works at the time of purchase. For details, visit their website.

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