Japanese Bedroom Set: Bundle & Save

Total Zen Sleep Package

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  • The Total Zen Sleep Package Includes

    A shikibuton is a mattress unlike any other and it deserves a bed frame just as unique, just as beautiful. We pride ourselves on the quality of material and craft that go into our organic shikibuton and they are matched in the timeless elegance of the tatami bed frame. We want our customers to enjoy the full experience of traditional Japanese bedding and styling, which is why we created this stunning Japanese bedroom set that gives you everything you need while saving you money.


    If you purchase a bed frame or piece of furniture (does not apply to underbed drawers, slats, or nightstands) then you MUST choose FURNITURE SHIPPING at checkout.

  • All of our organic mattresses, futons, and shikibutons fully meet federal flame retardant guidelines (1632 and 1633) and pass all requisite tests without the use of any synthetic or chemical fire retardants whatsoever; no PBDE's, no boric acid powder, no nothin’ - just organic cotton and wool. There are no prescriptions needed or hoops to jump through, just peace of mind that you are on the safest, healthiest, and most comfortable mattress available.

    Each Soaring Heart Organic Cotton & Wool Shikibuton is made by hand in our Seattle workshop from layers of long-fiber organic cotton sustainably grown in the United States and Premium organic wool batting, our own blend of wools sourced from eight different breeds of sheep hailing from the Oregon and California coasts. These layers of supportive cotton and soft organic wool are then hand tufted to insure superior resilience and enduring comfort.

      *Weight *Size
    Twin 27 39 X 75 X 3.5
    Twin XL 30 39 X 80 X 3.5
    Full 37 54 X 75 X 3.5
    Queen 44 60 X 80 X 3.5
    King 56 76 X 80 X 3.5
    Cal King 56 72 X 84 X 3.5
    *LATEX WEIGHTS VARY +/- .5 LBS    
    *SIZES VARY +/- 0 TO 1 INCHES  

  • Keep Your Shikibuton Off Non-Breathable Surfaces

    We recommend all futons and shikibutons be kept off the floor. Latex and innerspring mattress need to be kept on slats. Not keeping your latex or innerspring mattress on a slatted frame or foundation will void its warranty.

    The more air that can circulate around all surfaces of your natural bed, the better. When not exposed to air, cotton can begin to mildew because the temperature difference between your body heat passing through the futon and the relative coldness of a non-breathable surface (the floor, solid plywood, etc...) can allow condensation to build up.

    Use an All Natural Mattress Pad For Prevention

    To prevent body moisture from getting into your bed (which can prematurely compress and harden the natural fibers and make your bed lumpy and uncomfortable), always sleep with one of our all natural or organic cotton or wool mattress pads. Don't use a poly-blend pad. They aren't absorbent and can cause you to perspire more during sleep. Wash and dry your natural mattress pad with your sheets. Make sure the pad is completely dry before putting it back on your bed, and your mattress will stay clean and healthy for years to come.

    Flip & Rotate

    Make sure your organic futon or shikibuton wears evenly (avoiding body impressions) by flipping and rotating it regularly, so you end up sleeping on all different parts of the bed equally. We recommend doing this once a week for the first month, then once every other week thereafter.

    Give Your Bed a Sun Bath

    A couple times a year, on a sunny day, put your futon, shikibuton, or topper outside in the sun for an hour or two on each side. It's like giving your bed a natural dry-cleaning. The sun fluffs and revitalizes the fibers, discourages microbial growth, and evaporates any residual moisture. Does not apply to latex - latex can be deteriorated by sunlight.

    Revitalization Services

    Even if you lovingly follow all the steps listed above, there may come a day when your natural bed doesn't feel quite as comfortable as it originally did. In that case, feel free to click the button below to send us information about your product so we can schedule a revitalization time. Often times, all that's necessary to bring new life to your faithful futon is a few new layers of cotton or wool, and that can cost significantly less than a new bed. We do need to see it in person so we can assess what needs to be done, but once we figure it out we can usually finish the revitalization that same day.

    For customers outside the Seattle Area who want to ship the item for revitalization services, simply put the item in a box, pay for shipping to our Seattle location and we will pay the shipping to return your revitalized item to you .

    Schedule a Revitalization

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