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Wood Slats


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If you're thinking of putting your natural bed on the floor, we highly recommend rolling out a set of wood slats for your bed to sit on.The slats allow for much-needed airflow between your bed and the floor, and really help to prevent the buildup of moisture.Similarly, if you're planning on using a boxspring underneath your natural bed, placing a set of wood slats between the boxspring and your futon is a very good idea. Not only will this improve airflow around your bed, but it will approximate the ideal firmness of a platform bedframe that is normally used under a natural bed.

Slats are designed to fit most bed frames with one inch of space at both head and foot. Slats will be slightly shorter than the width of bed.

The 2.5" x .75" slats are made of sustainably farmed fir and are set 2.5" apart from each other, connected with two strips of jute webbing that ensures they're always perfectly spaced when you roll them out - simple!

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