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Custom Mattresses for Any Adventure

February can be one of the most bitter sweet months of the year in the Pacific Northwest due to wild weather and marginally improving rates of sunlight.  That being said, this is a great time to snuggle up in our Cypress collection and catch up on sleep, or better yet start planning your spring and summer adventures (ideally with a Soaring Heart sleep solution)! 

If are you itching to get on the road and take in the great outdoors we’ve got something you'll love.  Soaring Heart has partnered with a new company out of Kirkland, WA, Homegrown Trailers.  Founders, Corey Weathers and Eric Gertsman, came up with the design for a trailer that provides a healthy dose of creature comforts (toilet, solar power and a kitchen sink!), without sacrificing mobility and practicality (only weighs 2,500 lbs and fits in the garage!).  However, in our opinion the best decision from the folks at Homegrown Trailers was calling us about building three custom mattresses for each trailer (sleeps 4).  You read that right, you can hit the road with the bulk of your creature comforts and a Soaring Heart Mattress as an upgrade!  Since Soaring Heart actually builds the mattresses we sells, we were able to design a mattress for Corey and Eric that achieved their comfort and mobility standards. 

For those of you dreaming of the high seas, we have another story!  In 2015 an organization that hosts cruises for small groups/families contacted us to see if we could make our most popular collections (Linden, Tamarack, Rowan) in custom sizes and shapes for their travel yacht.  When I say custom sizes and shapes, I don’t mean 50x60 instead of 60x80 (standard queen size), I mean trapezoids of the Isosceles, acute and obtuse variety as well as one very precise ellipses.  After dusting off our Geometry books we got to work, made everything perfectly and even shipped the order to their boat in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!  We invite you to contact us to get a Soaring Heart Mattress in your boat, or the boat you will be dreaming on.

If your idea of a great trip is propelled almost entirely by your legs, start paying attention.  In 2015 a couple came into the showroom and wanted custom bedrolls that they could take with them when they backpacked through Denali National Park in Alaska.  Their goal was to have a lighter, hardier and completely organic (Our GOTS and GOLS certifications brought them in) sleep solution.  They said the bedroll had to be organic, because “if we get eaten by a bear and it eats our bedroll we don’t want it to kill the bear”!  Naturally, both of them wanted different firmness so we blended the latex and wool in different ways to achieve a balance of light and hardy without compromising the certifications or quality of the product.  Both the bedrolls and the customers made it back in one piece.   

Since we’ve actually built the products we've sold for over 30 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at finding ways to think outside of the conventional mattress-sized box.  So when you find yourself staring out the window in the next few weeks dreaming of adventures give us a call, shoot us an e mail or stop on by.  We’ve probably got a sleep solution for whatever you’ll be doing.  We’ve never made a mattress for a blimp, so if your adventure involves a blimp we’ll give you 10% off!

January 12, 2017


Really: The Internet of Beds?

 There are times you just want to pull your hair out over the latest new fad, new idea or concept for the "sale of the century."   Last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas a rousing presentation was made on how the momentum around the Internet of Things (IoT) could very likely be transforming the bedding industry next. How's that you ask?

While many details weren't provided, examples such as the ZEEQ pillow, which has so far raised $400,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Soon you will be able to buy the ZEEQ pillow, download their app - and your selected music will play through 8 internal pillow speakers, provide vibration prompting you turn over if you start to snore and set alarms to wake you up - based not only on the time, but on the quality of sleep ZEEQ has been monitoring for you all night.  

Soaring Heart does not buy into the idea that "being wired into the Borg's sleep cycle" (remember Star Trek episode 75?) is intelligent design.  Instead we are members of a movement called "Time Well Spent (see that envisions a world where our use of devices actually enhances our humanity.  Where we design experiences on our hand-helds in ways that don't tap into addictive behaviors.  (Did you know that studies show we now check our phones something like 150 times a day?)

Everyday we meet people with sleep issues.  With our days filled with constant interruption it should come as no surprise to us that our sleep cycles bounce us around between disconnected thoughts.  Studies have shown that it takes (on average) 15 minutes to get back to our work after an IM message interrupts our day - so clearly we can't expect to get back into REM sleep after any interruption.

Yes, there maybe money to be made launching more connections to IoT.  But if our goal is healthy, natural sleep - let's wake up to the responsibility we have for our family's sleep hygene.  Where we make joyful, careful considerations of how our bedrooms are designed and keep the interruptions of any and all devices parked a healthy distance away from our slumber.

As always your feedback and opinions are welcome.  

See original article in Geekwire at:

1% in Gratitude


Thank you! Of the many things we are grateful for in this past year, we are happy to announce that Soaring Heart has met its goal to direct 1% of our gross revenues to charitable causes. 1% may sound like just another number. But for a small business like ours, this represents a huge commitment from our entire team to reduce expenses and volunteer time. We couldn't do it without the support of our amazing customers, suppliers and advocates. 

Our biggest community endeavor is to build and donate more than 350 organic pillows. This year, our volunteers provided pillows for homeless vets at Seattle's Compass Housing, Eastside clients of Congregations for the Homeless, incoming students at Bastyr University and, just last week, a group of Stanford University graduate fellows.

Veteran's Day pillow build with United Way of King County

A big believer in the power of education, we proudly fund Soaring Heart scholarships at Bastyr University (natural sleep studies), the Pride Foundation (in mental health) and Seattle Central Community College (in support of their small business, sewing design and culinary programs).  We also support the great work being done by non-profits like "Toxic-Free Future," El Centro de La Raza and the Seattle Good Business Network in their efforts to promote locally made products.  

At Soaring Heart, we believe we all sleep better knowing we are part of healthy, vibrant communities.  While we may not have the resources to help everyone, we are committed to doing our part to provide great sleep for many of those facing life challenges in the communities we serve.  We know the comfort you feel surrounded by our hand-crafted bedding may not cure all aches and pains – but we certainly hope your heart will soar when you know every stitch surrounding you has been placed there by someone who cares.

We are grateful for your patronage – and we look forward to your next visit to our shop or website.      

Mike Schaefer & the entire team at Soaring Heart

December 20, 2016

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November 11, 2016


Pillows for our Veterans!

Congrats to the 50 United Way volunteers who helped us build pillows for donation to our local homeless shelter for veterans this morning.  Our teams were jumping for joy when 80, all organic shredded latex pillows were complete.  Each volunteer then hand delivered their pillows (complete with a hand written thank-you note) directly to the staff at Compass Housing for distribution. 

Soaring Heart is committed to giving back with the belief that we all sleep knowing we're part of healthy, caring communities.  Thank you for supporting our work - and be sure to check out our selection of new bed pillows for you and your loved ones today!


Give Your Sofa Bed A Makeover For The Holidays!

The holidays are just around the corner.  This usually means a full schedule and a full house.  We’re looking forward to having friends and family over, baking tasty treats and sharing fantastic meals.  And we do everything we can to make sure our guests have a wonderful time while in our care, which brings us to this month’s topic: The dreaded sofa bed.

We’ve all been there.  We’re either apologizing to our guests, or being apologized to, as the sofa cushions are removed and the worn-out sofa bed clunks into place.  Often a mythical family member is referenced as having said how comfortably they slept here on their last visit (in 1998). Let’s be honest.  We usually don’t think about the guest bed until it is too late.  But not this year!

Imagine unfolding that sofa bed to reveal a handmade, certified organic Soaring Heart latex bed!  “Well, good night guests…sweet dreams…and you’re welcome!”  We’re thrilled to announce our first sofa bed mattress, the Willow.  The Willow is a 4” latex mattress to upgrade the old, uncomfortable sleeper mattress that came with your sofa bed.  It’s flexible enough to fold for storage, just like your current sleeper sofa mattress.  And we’ve replaced those flimsy coils with organic rubber, so you and your guests will be comforted and supported by the best bedding material known to man.  It’s science!

                Soaring Heart Natural Beds Willow

We’re sure you’ll find more uses for this ingenious mattress.  Use it as an extra comfort layer on your mattress.  Lay it out on the living floor for movie nights and kid’s sleepovers.   

For the first time in history, you and your family may end up fighting over who gets the sofa bed.  Who uses it is your decision; we’re just here to make the lucky winner as comfortable as possible.  And for a little extra holiday cheer, we’re offering 10% off the Willow for the whole month of November.  If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by the showroom.  We’re happy to help!

Warm holiday wishes,


Soaring Heart Sales Manager

Our CERTIFIED organic sleep options just got better!

For 35 years Soaring Heart has been committed to bringing you the best selection of all natural and organic beds and sleep products.  Not only do we believe sleeping organic makes a difference in the quality of your comfort - we go the extra mile to make sure we can prove every one of our suppliers cares as much as we do!


            OMI - OrganicPedic Duo                         OMI - OrganicPedic 81-Zoned Comfort

This month we're announcing a new partnership with OMI - Organicpedics.  Based in northern California, we believe OMI's "Purity Guarantee" offers you a certified range of assurances that only a large scale manufacturing factory can provide.  Their owner, Walt Bader, wrote the book on toxins in the bedroom and we're happy to be the only retailer in the northwest bringing you OMI certified products.

Consumer beware – every day we see claims from suppliers and retailers about their natural and organic products.  Given the levels of greenwashing in the market place, and the lack of truly enforceable global standards, consumers have little choice but to do extensive homework.  Our hope is companies like ours, who go the extra mile and truly want to earn and keep your trust, stand apart in your shopping experience.  We believe certifications (like GOTS and GOLS) make a big difference - and competitors who can’t get certified will say all sorts of things to confuse their shoppers.

Bottom line:  at Soaring Heart we care how you sleep.  We know comfort is the number one concern of mattress shoppers.  And we’re working hard to educate our customers on the importance and benefits of comfortable, certified organic bedding.  While we may not be the biggest mattress store in town, we are committed to offering you the best selection, the best value and the best service.  With 35 years of customer testimonials, we're confident you won't be disappointed curling up in one of our beds! Stop by or call us today.



October 10, 2016

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Reading in bed has gotten so much easier!

Soaring Heart Adjustable Bed

Ever wonder what the story is behind these new adjustable bed frames? No, they're not hospital beds or massage tables - but it sure is nice to have some simple options for improving our sleep positions, reducing snoring and having fun with dual remote controls!

We've been busy hunting around to find what we believe is the simplest, most reliable adjustable frame we can find.  And Reverie, with an assembly plant in rural Eden, NY is hands-down our favorite choice.

This week we visited their plant and learned lots about their products and customer services.  First, would you believe there are 22 patents covering all the components of their bed frame mechanisms?  Plus - there's a 26 point quality checklist every unit must pass before shipping to your door. Yes, mechanical components are manufactured in Taiwan, but all the assembly and quality control is done right here in the US.  All customer service calls are handled in Eden (a town of 7800 along the east shore of Lake Erie).

Adjustable Bed

Comfort seekers beware - these new adjustable frames will change your life (often without requiring you to replace your existing mattress!).  Adjustable units can be ordered to fit within your existing wooden bed frame - and we will haul away your current box spring or wooden platform/slats for free.

Got a snorer in your life? The customized snore button on each remote gently lifts a sleepers head and effortlessly opens air passageways. While it's not foolproof for everyone - years of customer testimonials sure rave about this feature.  

Next time you're tossing or turning in bed, check out our website or shoot us an email for  more information about our Reverie adjustable bed frames - you won't regret it!

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