Sleep Position Matters

Knowing the position you most prefer to sleep in is your best tool for finding the perfect mattress. Different positions require different responses from your mattress in order to make you comfortable. For example, a back sleeper would be most comfortable on a firm mattress whereas a side sleeper needs the pressure point relief that a softer mattress offers. This gets more complicated if you change positions or if bedmate sleeps in a different position than you. If you don't know what position you like to sleep in most, try paying extra attention tonight as you go to sleep.

Know what you don't like

Pay attention how your current mattress is underperforming. Pain in the shoulders & hips for a side sleeper could mean your mattress is too firm and could use a topper, pain in the lower back could mean it lacks support and you need a new mattress. Knowing what you don't like will help you find what you need.

Know what your mattress is made of

People spend around a third of their life in bed, so what you sleep on matters. People suffering from allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, or other autoimmune irregularities may need to buy natural and organic products because they are free from chemicals and synthetic fibers.

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