About Us

Since 1982, Soaring Heart's mission is to provide you with a natural, non-toxic, and organic sleep solution.  Each mattress, mattress topper, comforter, pillow, and mattress protector we make is handcrafted with care from certified and trusted organic and all natural ingredients right here in Washington. With more than 40 years of craftsmanship behind us, we stand behind the quality and longevity of everything we make. Our builders are proud to handcraft your mattress using time-honored techniques developed over our lifetime in the industry.
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We're proud that Soaring Heart is very different from any other mattress store you'll find. We work hard to ensure you receive the best value in healthy sleep options and environmental sustainability.  Our suppliers from all over the globe are a huge part of our success and we strive to support their efforts and passion. Each supplier is chosen because they provide the absolute best quality in organic materials. We want our organic sheep ranchers and cotton growers to have a solid partnership for the best organic products they can produce.
Most importantly, our products can be rebuilt, recycled, and reused without damage to the planet, or harm to you and your loved ones. Our business practices across the entire supply chain are solely focused on being environmentally-conscious, healthy, sustainable, and ethical. We believe that healthy change starts by making the right choices for our customers needs and for the needs of our planet. 
Our hearts soar when we hear from our customers. We want to know how you're sleeping, and how we can help bring more comfort and healthy sleep into your life.  We love it when you share what we do with your community.  Here are Soaring Heart we pride ourselves in our commitment to give back to our community. We would love for you to join our Soaring Heart community of great organic sleepers and help share these values with the world. 


When we say we're a small company, we mean it. We all wear a lot of different hats every day. We're a diverse team - we have musicians, artists, writers, students, hikers and great cooks - but from whatever walk of life, we're all interested in how well we sleep.

Production & Procurement

Soaring Heart beds require both craftsmanship and patience. First because our all organic, all natural raw materials demand perfect placement and layering. Second, because we stand behind everything we make, our builders must follow time-tested (and complex) build specifications assuring that your simple, elegant mattress is guaranteed to the core. We're also fortunate to have a team of expert seamstresses at Soaring Heart. With decades of experience, we're confident that we can build pretty much any design our customers might demand. We know how to put the heart into every stitch we sew.
Procurement is also a critical part of every product Soaring Heart sells. Over the decades we've built strong supplier relationships to help us certify the organic, all natural and non-toxic nature of our products. We want our customers to rest assured that they are sleeping on the best raw materials we can find and that we go out of our way to assure we meet or exceed all regulations for safe, healthy bedding. Part of everyone's job is to make sure we are ordering and building to exacting specifications as well as our customer's specific needs. While this might be challenging, it's part of the fun of working here!

Sales & Customer Service

As our first line of customer contact, everyone on our sales team is dedicated to being fully available to you whenever you need us. Soaring Heart owner in store
We are committed to a no hassle shopping experience. No question is out of order. We are here to educate our customers first. We believe our sales flow from understanding every customer's unique needs.
Our services don't end once you've picked your ideal bedding; we want to make sure everyone can get their purchases home and set up where and when they need them. Whether it's a web order for a king size bed to be shipped across the country or a pillow being picking up after work for a friend in the hospital, we want to be sure you get what you need. Our logistics & delivery team is constantly on the lookout for new ways to recycle old mattresses, ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and ways to package our products in ever more environmentally friendly ways. Logistics also helps us navigate any thorny service questions and/or freight claims.
Soaring Heart Gives Back to the Community
At Soaring Heart, we believe we all sleep better knowing we are part of healthy, caring communities.
Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is dedicated to making our community as healthy as our mattresses and bedding. Whether we volunteer to build and donate bedding for good causes or make direct year-end donations to causes supported by our team, we are grateful to be able to do our part.

1% Goal

One of Soaring Heart's goals is to direct 1% or our annual gross to charitable causes. 1% may sound like just another number, but for a small business like ours, this represents a huge commitment from our entire team, as well as our customers and suppliers, to volunteer time, increase efficiency, and take on community work.


Soaring Heart has endowed several scholarships to fund students in a variety of areas of study.  The Soaring Heart Scholarship at Seattle's Pride Foundation funds students working in the area of mental health and compassionate care. At Bastyr University we fund a student in their naturopathic program who has an interest in studying sleep.  We also have a long relationship with Seattle Central Community College where we support students studying sewing/apparel design as well as small business management.  While these institutions make all decisions regarding the award of scholarships, we are happy to support tomorrow's leaders! 
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While we may not have the resources to help everyone, we are committed to doing our part to provide great sleep for many of those facing life challenges in the communities we serve.  We know the comfort you feel surrounded by our hand-crafted bedding may not cure all aches and pains – but we certainly hope your heart will soar when you know every stitch surrounding you has been placed there by someone who cares.
Our sheep ranchers
Soaring Heart Natural Beds has been making the most comfortable handcrafted organic mattresses and bedding for over 30 years. Over those three decades, we have worked hard to find a dedicated and passionate group of suppliers. Folks who understand our commitment to go the extra mile to meet our exacting specifications. Our goal is to make sure everyone who sleeps in our beds can rest assured that every stitch has been put in place by someone who cares.


Wool is an integral part of our mattresses and we take it very seriously.  We source our wool from small family ranchers in New Zealand. We use a special blend of wool from 8 different breeds and then make sure all the washing, processing and handling meets exacting standards for purity. We are pleased to use certified organic wool in all our products and make sure members of our team have the time to visit the mill, help out with sheep shearing, and understand all the steps from the ranch to your bed.


At the heart of every Soaring Heart bed and in the case of every mattress is top quality organic cotton. Our USDA certified organic cotton batting comes from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Coop (TOCMC)* and is grown by a select group of farmers who are committed to growing cotton without synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or harmful bleaching. Our organic fabrics come from suppliers around the world who certify their products and stand behind these guarantees. It's a pleasure for us to work with these conscientious suppliers and we're confident you will notice the difference when you cuddle up in our bedding!
*Organic Cotton from Texas is used only in Soaring Heart products. Sourcing for materials from our partners may vary. 


Latex, processed from the sap of the rubber tree, provides us with a luxurious, resilient core bedding layer without the use of any petroleum-based by-products. Our GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified Dunlap processed latex comes from Sri Lanka. Sleep Comp West/Latexco is our US supplier and certifier of all our latex and we're confident that their diligence will provide you with both the most comfortable and highest quality organic latex mattress you'll find anywhere.