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For almost 50 years, European Sleep Works has been designing and manufacturing high-performance mattresses with a different approach than the conventional mattress market. Soaring Heart is proud to feature the Alpine Classic, Alpine HDM, and Nordic II HDM, from this incredible family owned and operated partner for local delivery only. Our European Sleep Works mattresses feature:

  • European Micro Coils, featured in the new HDM mattress series, these tiny coils add an additional layers to ensure a breathable, responsive,  and contouring experience.
  • Merino Wool with quilting that is flame retardant and transports moisture away from the body. Helps create optimal sleep environment.
  • Eco-Certified Latex Cushioning, durable and anti-allergenic, latex foam combines elasticity for maximum pressure reduction with strength for minimal wear.
  • Eco- Certified Cotton, mattress covers lined in stretch-knit cotton help ensure a breathable, responsive, healthy mattress surface.

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