Interested in Selling Soaring Heart Products? - Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company


Thank you! We welcome commercial or wholesale/reseller inquires for our complete line of Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company natural and organic handmade products. We consider inquiries on a case by case basis – the best way to contact us is by phone or by email with an included link to your website.

Commercial accounts: Hotels, Boats, Health care facilities etc.
  • Freight will not be included in any quote, but if you send us your delivery address we will have a shipper (typically SEKO) prepare an estimate for you from our Seattle warehouse.
  • Unless specified otherwise we will use our standard (per item) packaging
  • The more lead time you give us, the better.  Our goal is to provide you a quote within a week or receipt of your specifications.  Depending on quantities, at a minimum plan for 30 day delivery after we receive your final purchase order.
  • We do not extend terms on commercial orders as they are built to a negotiated spec.
  • Warranty terms will be handled on a case by case basis.
Wholesale/reseller accounts: Bedding stores, Organic markets etc.
  • We build to your order, and typically ship within 3 weeks.  Some rush services are available.
  • Quantity discounts will not apply unless your purchase is for more than 5 beds and/or 10 pillows
  • Freight will not be included in our quote, but we’re happy to prepare a quote based on your specification/delivery address (your store or direct to your customer’s home)
  • Unless specified otherwise we will use our standard packaging.  You may send us printed materials to include for your customers if you wish.
  • We do not extend terms on sales,  payment is due when your purchase order is placed.
  • Our full warranty terms will apply
  • We will provide printed marketing materials as negotiated.  We will list you on our website as an authorized “Soaring Heart” dealer.
  • Should you wish to place our products on your sales floor, discounts may apply.  We will need photos of your showroom and an understanding of the other bed products you represent.
  • We will offer “exclusive” representation rights in an agreed upon market for a one year (renegotiable) term.

We look forward to learning more about your needs.  Please call us at 206-282-1717 and ask for Louis Hess:  10-6:00 Pacific or email