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Custom Quote

We love to build custom projects!

Whether it's a V-berth, antique or European bed frame, window seat, or mattress for the RV - you want to ensure you and your family are sleeping healthy on a pure organic mattress that's custom designed to provide the best night's rest.

Healthy organic sleep isn't limited to the home. Our craftsmen are experts at making organic mattresses and bedding in all shapes and sizes. Soaring Heart Natural Beds has been a favorite custom mattress maker for over 30 years and will work with you to make the bed of your dreams a perfect fit.

In the form on the right, please fill in your contact information so we can connect with you to further discuss your custom project. Someone from our Production or Sales staff may contact you in order to clarify details or get a better idea of the product's intended use, so please include an email you check regularly as well as a good phone number.

Using the check boxes and drop-down menu, select the type of product or products you are looking to have made and where they will be used.

In the message section, provide as much detail about your project as possible, including where the product or products will be used, how they are intended to be used, and the shape and dimensions. Knowing how the product will be used is necessary so our Production staff can properly design your custom project using the right materials.

Dimensions are very important. Please be accurate in your measurements. Our staff may ask you for a template once a quote has been given.