5 Great (& Sustainable) Gifts for Dad

by Eoin Hudson June 12, 2014 0 Comments

Show the dad(s) in your life you care by getting them something a bit more special than yet another tie, grilling utensil, or ironic apron. These five gifts are unique, actually helpful, and will save some money as well as some room at the landfill.


Safety Razor Kit

What's better than a nice clean shave, huh? How about never buying expensive packs of razor heads or packs of disposable plastic razors ever again? A safety razor, the simple and elegant solution your Grandfather used, not only gives a closer shave and looks beautiful, but only requires replacing the blades - available in packs of 10 for around $3 at any drug store. This model, the Muhle Stylo Shave Set in African black wood, is made in Germany, will last decades and saves Dad hundreds of dollars and the landfill buckets of plastic.

The Man Can: 100% Natural Skin Care Set

The Man Can: 100% Natural Skin Care Set for Men

Sticking with the toiletry theme, The Man Can by Plum Island Soap Co., is the most masculine natural skin care system--complete with complementary loofah--around. It is also, quite likely, the only one around. Fisherman's hand butter, spiced shaving gel, classic Bay Rum aftershave, and licorice scrub soap will leave Dad exfoliated yet still acceptably rugged.

The Side Dreamer Pillow

Side Dreamer Pillow: The Pillow For Side Sleepers

Dads work hard. If the opposite were true, you wouldn't be reading this blog a few days before Father's Day, the day dedicated to Dads and their hard work. So let's not drag out the point, Dads need their sleep, and more importantly, a restorative rest that will leave them ready for the challenges of the day. Whether those challenges be unruly grass or a pushy boss. An all-organic Side Dreamer Pillow cradles the head, keeping it properly aligned with the spine, while allowing the shoulders to stay open - reducing morning aches and pains.

The Jupiter Wooden Watch

WeWood Jupiter Watch

Made from 100% natural wood scraps saved from the flooring industry, these beautiful Jupiter Watches by WeWood save trees, save leather, and save Dad from blending in with the crowd.

West Coast IPA Beer Kit

West Coast IPA Brewing Kit

Nothing polishes off a great Fathers's Day like a crisp refreshing brew. The only improvement could be drinking an ice cold beer brewed yourself, saving a few dollars at the grocery store and a lot of glass and paper. These fun and simple kits allow you or your dad to pair that pint with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Cheers.

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson