Organic Pillows Settle Into New Home at the Fisher House

by Eoin Hudson July 02, 2014


A few weeks ago for Memorial Day, we decided to try something different than the standard sale. For every person who came into our Seattle showroom, we donated one of our all-organic Shredded Latex Pillows to the Fisher House - an organization that provides accommodations for families of veterans being treated for injuries. As a company that makes organic mattresses and bedding, this seemed like the natural way for us to show our support.

So, that morning, we stacked the pillows in the window; each person who visited us got to throw a pillow onto the pile and write a note to be delivered along with them  if they wished.  By the end of the day we had over two dozen pillows teetering next to the door, threatening passersby with an imminent and fluffy avalanche. Last week, we had the honor of delivering them to this very worthy cause.

Jason Schaefer, our Sales Manager and an Iraq War Veteran, was joined by our Marketing Manager Catherine Berry, (whose son is currently serving) in delivering the pillows. As the Soaring Heart van pulled up, they were greeted by Fisher House Acting Manager Michelle Power and Assistant Manager Carrie Barnhart, who helped them unload the boxes and place the pillows in their new home, where they will hopefully bring some deserved rest and relaxation to the people using them.

If you are interested in supporting the Fisher House, follow this link for more information.

Assistant Manager Assistant Manager

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson


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