Soaring Heart's San Juan Photo Shoot

by Eoin Hudson September 10, 2014 0 Comments

A few weeks ago the team at Soaring Heart took a trip to beautiful San Juan Island to take some new photos of our equally beautiful organic futons. We were treated to the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer. As they say, location, location, location.

Mike, Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company's owner, starts to set up one of the mattresses while the rest of the team look on from different areas of the shooting location to find the best angle and direction to take the photographs from.

The team discusses the placement of the mattress and the camera for the Organic Cotton Latex & Wool Futon product shot. It may seem as simple as point a shoot when you're taking photographs in a beautiful location such as this, but a lot of work goes into creating a balanced image that is pleasing to look and conveys enough information about the subject.

The photographer, Brain, and Eoin, the Marketing Manager, figure out the best angle for a futon shot, raising and lowering the camera, while keeping in mind how the photograph will eventually be used.

While a tripod makes sure we get good, clear shots, some of the best photos came from Brian walking around and shooting free-hand.

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson