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Top Off Your Organic Bed!

by Andrew Himes September 03, 2011 0 Comments

The perfect way to top off any organic bed is with an organic cotton mattress pad!

Made with 100% organic cotton fill, these mattress pads are a little more plush than others you will find. Coupled with an organic sateen top and percale bottom, and quilted into two inch squares, they make quite a luxurious feel. With a 15” corner and elastic running all the way around the bottom, they are easy to take on and off and don’t move around. Care instructions are simple, just wash in cool water with a low phosphate detergent and tumble dry to keep your bed clean and fresh for years to come.

Read more about organic cotton mattress pads at our website, or call us at 202-282-1717 or 877-288-1717 for more information. At Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company, we've been building natural beds in our Seattle workshop for over 29 years and have everything you need to build your very own sleep sanctuary, including the tools to keep your bed clean, comfortable, and long-lasting. Call us today!

Andrew Himes
Andrew Himes