What Is The Difference Between a Regular Bed and an Organic Bed?

by Michael Schaefer September 03, 2011

Buying a new bed can be a challenge, even for the most formidable shopper.   There are many factors to consider before purchasing a bed, including affordability, comfort, and potential back and joint concerns.  There is one other serious consideration to mull over before purchasing your bed, however: The question of what it is made out of.

The material your bed is made from may have a more powerful effect on your health and sleep than you had previously thought, which is why you should consider the differences between a regular bed and a natural bed.

The Materials

This may seem like the most obvious difference, but have you ever actually considered what a conventional mattress is made up of?  Conventional mattresses are composed of man-made, synthetic materials that may lead to offgassing. Chemicals are often used to make the bed flame retardant. Natural bedding, on the other hand, achieves federal fire safety regulation using materials that come straight from the natural world around us, such as wool.


In addition to the general holistic qualities associated with sleeping on natural fibers, natural fibers also have the ability to regulate the sleeping body’s temperature in a much more effective way.  Because polyester and other synthetic materials trap body heat, our sleep cycle is often disrupted during its deepest periods because we simply cannot get comfortable.  Natural fibers maximize evaporation of body moisture to allow you to get the peaceful sleep you need.


A natural bed promotes a better night’s sleep, simply by allowing you to sleep on something you know is closer to nature than a regular bed.  When you lay your head down on a natural bed after a long day, you know you are sleeping free from chemicals and non-natural materials.

If natural bedding sounds like the right choice for you,check out our products page or contact us at 206-282-1717 or 877-288-1717 today.

Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer


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