Making Peace with a Stressful Season

by Andrew Himes November 07, 2011 0 Comments

We are approaching the season of lights! Star light, Arora Borealis, friendly fires, and candle light... Oooo it’s time to pull out the candles and some matches!  Many of us are also preparing for guests visiting this time of year or wanting to give the gift of better sleep to a loved one. How do we keep the pursuit of the “perfect” Holiday from destroying the spirit of the Holidays?

There are a few stress busters I’ve deployed over the past few years. Buying small items months ahead and storing them in a large trunk. When the time came there were very few extra expenses for December, and I had the ease of mind to decorate the packages for pleasure. What I find ahead of time is also much more likely to be in my budget and the right gift for someone than a purchase squeezed in over a weekend of frenzied shopping. Gift cards also hit the mark. It allows your loved ones to pick out what they want, allows you to worry less about finding the “perfect” gift, and they get to do the shopping and walking around after the Holidays ;)!

I was enjoying chatting with a friend of mine who has had Soaring Heart bedding for years. And he mentioned that he had always wanted to buy a latex mattress but was anxious about the impact on his monthly budget this winter. When he took the price and divided it over a few months it felt equivalent to a telephone bill, but temporary. He just needed to think long range and spread it out over a few months. Many of our clients have enjoyed a lay away system in the past so we are reintroducing layaway to help everyone plan ahead without the hassle and added expense of a credit card. If you want a guest bed that you feel good about sharing with loved ones this might be a great option.

If you’re at all like me, a discerning shopper that always likes the best, the hand made products with natural and organic fibers that don't out-gas or cause health issues. Try giving yourself what you really want, but with a twist... Make a date with yourself to do some planning, then sleep on it. When you wake for your Holiday planning day, warm drink, pen, and paper in hand you will have had time to muse over ideas that you can add to the list. Then get the list on a calendar! It’s a relief to have a plan as well as to be able to focus on the people you love while they are with you. Enjoy yourself this season!

And light some candles on the road to a more peaceful Holiday.


Andrew Himes
Andrew Himes