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by Andrew Himes November 22, 2011

Sorting through all the choices posed to us every day can be a bit challenging... It helps to have a system. That’s why we’ve just created five Collections of our most popular bedding to clarify how to combine our products best. We chose The Linden, Tamarack, Aspen, Madrona, and Willow to describe five of the six types of bedding we offer. Since many of our products are made from plant fibers, and trees are the elders of the plant kingdom, trees felt like a natural choice for the collections. It was also easy to pick out a few favorites, everyone on the team has a tree they dig... After all they are beings of elephantine proportions, out lasting many of us in life span, recording much of our history in their growth rings, times of famine as well as flourishing. They are kinda the essence of place.

In fact, come to think of it, when I fall in love with a place it's usually because of a particular tree there.

Here in the Northwest we have the Tamarack Larch up near the Enchantment Lakes and Pacific Madrona down near the coastal seashores. In Germany the Linden tree is an icon, where it grows to be thousands of years old. Known for its heart shaped leaves, flowers used for tea and perfume, wood for making musical instruments, and bark for cloth, it was the center of much of the life of the community in that place. In fact people would gather there to dance and celebrate, as well as restore justice and peace. At one time it was even said that “the tree would help unearth the truth”. It wasn't until later, during medieval times, that the myth of the man Siegfried arose, who became invulnerable after bathing in the blood of the dragon. Yet while doing so a single Linden leaf floated down and stuck to him leaving a spot untouched by the blood. This one spot was where he became vulnerable. Much has changed since this time, but the Linden is still used for shade arching over boulevards to create a canopy where lovers amble hand in hand.

A touching image really since the Linden had always been known as the “tree of lovers”.

So much history is connected to trees and the places they come from. The Linden is no exception. Words like “willowy” help to describe the lithe spirit, a Willow embodies. While the Aspen which grows from a small seedling into a large clonal colony through its many roots is known for the sound its many leaves make in the wind. These colonies grow up to a meter a year to eventually cover whole mountains, reaching as much as 80,000 thousand of year they protect complex ecosystems and allow them to evolve. Even an occational fire will only take down the tops of the trees and the expansive network of roots give rise to new saplings quickly. There is so much to explore and learn about the world. Great design solutions abound if you have an instinct to explore, think outside of the box, and to solve problems. Here at Soaring Heart we like to think we sleep a little better knowing that we do business that makes more sense.


Linden boulevard  

Andrew Himes
Andrew Himes


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