1% in Gratitude

by Michael Schaefer December 20, 2016 0 Comments

1% in Gratitude


Thank you! Of the many things we are grateful for in this past year, we are happy to announce that Soaring Heart has met its goal to direct 1% of our gross revenues to charitable causes. 1% may sound like just another number. But for a small business like ours, this represents a huge commitment from our entire team to reduce expenses and volunteer time. We couldn't do it without the support of our amazing customers, suppliers and advocates. 

Our biggest community endeavor is to build and donate more than 350 organic pillows. This year, our volunteers provided pillows for homeless vets at Seattle's Compass Housing, Eastside clients of Congregations for the Homeless, incoming students at Bastyr University and, just last week, a group of Stanford University graduate fellows.

Veteran's Day pillow build with United Way of King County

A big believer in the power of education, we proudly fund Soaring Heart scholarships at Bastyr University (natural sleep studies), the Pride Foundation (in mental health) and Seattle Central Community College (in support of their small business, sewing design and culinary programs).  We also support the great work being done by non-profits like "Toxic-Free Future," El Centro de La Raza and the Seattle Good Business Network in their efforts to promote locally made products.  

At Soaring Heart, we believe we all sleep better knowing we are part of healthy, vibrant communities.  While we may not have the resources to help everyone, we are committed to doing our part to provide great sleep for many of those facing life challenges in the communities we serve.  We know the comfort you feel surrounded by our hand-crafted bedding may not cure all aches and pains – but we certainly hope your heart will soar when you know every stitch surrounding you has been placed there by someone who cares.

We are grateful for your patronage – and we look forward to your next visit to our shop or website.      

Mike Schaefer & the entire team at Soaring Heart

December 20, 2016

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Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer