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April 26, 2017 0 Comments

   Happy earth = happy sleep.  OK, OK it sounds hokey - but our all organic and natural products require us to work with folks who are sound stewards of their lands and crops.  That's why we were pleased to present a check to our Washington Chapter of the Sierra Club with 10% of our gross sales this past Earth Day weekend.

And wow - did we meet a whole lot of new customers who responded to our celebration! Thanks to you - the folks who visited our stores or shopped on our website, we doubled the number of new customers trying out the benefits of our hand-crafted, all organic beds & bedding.  We are grateful for your support and the opportunity you give us to give back to our community.

At Soaring Heart we believe we all sleep better knowing we part of healthy, caring communities  - so go ahead, curl up and get some extra rest today!