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We go the extra mile to guarantee quality

by Michael Schaefer May 04, 2017 0 Comments

We go the extra mile to guarantee quality

When we say our products are organic - we mean it.   Not only do we require certificates guaranteeing compliance with "Global Organic Latex Standards" (GOLS) for each latex shipment we receive - we visit our suppliers and personally inspect every step in their production and certification process.

Last fall I visited our supplier in south India and checked logs documenting every step of the latex collection and mattress building process.  Watching how the raw latex is tapped from trees on certified plantations, processed and tested in certified plants and then hand packaged and delivered to us in sealed containers.  

 Tapping the tree - sap runs about 15 minutes every morning

Yours truly watching the completed cores get washed and rinsed for packaging.

Each mattress is tested for consistent density in multiple places before final approval

Mattresses are hand-packed to ensure quality and cleanliness.

Like most travelers I have hundreds of photos of my visit to India (I'll spare you the slide show). Overall I was very impressed by the rigorous standards maintained in the manufacturing plants and often decades long connection to the latex industry by employees and their families.  While it might be hard to believe until you see it, the truth is we can trace every mattress core back to the plantation the sap was harvested from and the time/date it was processed.

At Soaring Heart we believe going the extra mile to visit our suppliers and thank them for the stewardship of their organic products makes all the difference - and I'm confident our personal guarantee is something you won't find elsewhere!

Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer