Holy Lamb Wool Comforter

  • These beautiful, handcrafted wool comforters from Holy Lamb are made with Premium Eco-WoolTM, a blend of eight breeds of sheep wool gathered from small farms along the California and Oregon coasts. Resilient, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant, and best of all, thermal regulating, wool is the perfect material for comforters. Wool naturally regulates body heat, keeping you cooler in the summer and snuggly warm in the winter, while repelling and wicking away moisture, which counteracts sweating during sleep and clamminess when you wake up.

    And don't forget to buy a 100% organic sateen duvet cover  to protect your investment.

  • Cool Comfort

    Best suited for: a person who tends to run warm or hot in body temperature, a hot climate such as Florida or Southern California, or to be used in climates with mild winters where you can use this comforter in combination with other favorite blankets.

    Perfect Comfort

    Relatively lightweight, the Perfect Comfort is a great all season comforter that will keep you warm in the winter and autumn, but won't overheat in the spring and summer. This comforter is great for people who live in cool to warm climates, such as the Pacific Northwest.

    Extra Warmth

    With about three pounds more wool than the Perfect Comfort, the Extra Warmth lives up to its name. A great, heavier comforter for people who live in the colder parts of the country or just love to be extra warm and extra cozy at night.

  • Each comforter is handmade from layers of sumptuous Premium Eco-WoolTM batting, encased in 100% USDA certified organic cotton, and hand-tufted to insure quality and longevity. They fit all standard sized duvets and are available in two fill weights; Perfect Comfort and Extra Warmth.


    Twin:                     68" X 86"

    Cool Comfort: 2.6lbs      Perfect Comfort: 3.6lbs       Extra Warmth: 5.6lbs     

    Full/Queen:        86" X 86"

    Cool Comfort: 3.3lbs      Perfect Comfort: 4.5lbs       Extra Warmth: 7lbs

    King:                      100" X 86"

    Cool Comfort: 8.1lbs       Perfect Comfort: 5.2lbs       Extra Warmth: 8.1lbs

  • Please try spot cleaning your comforter before washing in a machine. Apply Hydrogen peroxide to the affected areas and let it dry between applications. If the Stain is too large for spot cleaning follow the instructions below.

    Our Philosophy for Washing: We recommend using a top loading method for machine washing. Above All Else Avoid Agitation. (Agitation is any motion that flips or rotates the product)

    For Best Results: 

    1) Use the Soak and spin cycle only. No agitations, No Machine drying. Manually set cycles to soak and high speed. --> Soak, Fill Machine with warm water. add a small amount of biodegradable detergent or a wool wash. Gently push down into machine and let it soak. SKIP ALL AGITATION CYCLES --> Manually set it to high speed spin, letting the centrifuge spin the water out. SOAK & SPIN --> Leave Item in the machine and fill it with warm water again then spin it out again. Repeat as needed.  DO NOT MACHINE DRY --> Drape it in the Sun  or a warm place to dry

     2) Choose the Right Settings. You want the most delicate cycle. This may say hand wash or gentle. You also want the shortest cycle  with the least amount of run time. You want the Highest level of spin. Pack the drum 100% full. 

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