The Soaring Heart Difference


Other mattress companies add polyfoams and chemicals to their beds.

Soaring Heart avoids synthetics and makes sure all of our materials are natural, organic, and grown responsibly—no synthetics, no chemicals.


Other manufacturers look for inexpensive wool and cotton.

Soaring Heart supports small farms and ranches and has vetted each of our suppliers. All of our organic cotton and wool is grown by people who are passionate about the industry, their craft, and providing a quality product.


Other brands made purchasing a mattress confusing with unclear certifications and "green-washing."

Soaring Heart has an ethic of transparency. We tell our customers exactly what is in our products and exactly what is not. Soaring Heart was one of only two companies recognized in The Mattress Matters, a report by Clean and Healthy New York, for full disclosure.


Other stores speed up production and promise a bed the same day.

Soaring Heart takes the time to ensure your mattress is made right. We promise your mattresses will be built to the highest standards of comfort and craftsmanship; yours. Each stitch of our organic mattresses, organic futons, organic shikibutons, and organic bedding is handcrafted.


At Soaring Heart, we take pride in going against mainstream mattress manufacturers because we believe that every Soaring Heart mattress is honest, individual, and beautifuljust like the people who own them.

Experience the Soaring Heart difference for yourself.




Each tatami mat is made with up to 66 pounds of rice straw that has been compressed down to two inches, making a firm, flat sleeping surface with just a little give and plenty of air flow. Tatami mats are great for any mattress, but really make a noticeable difference with shikibutons, especially single shikibutons.

Due to a shikibuton’s thin construction, if it is placed on slats the slats can often be felt through the shikibuton. Some people can even feel the slats through two shikibutons. A tatami mat has a smooth and rigid surface that keeps the shikibuton flat, supported, and properly aerated without the dips and valleys that slats create.

Our tatami mats are made in Taiwan and are heat treated, not chemically treated. Customers with high sensitivity should note that our tatami mats are made of grass and, especially when new, will have a cut grass odor. This odor will dissipate in time.