Awesome Pillow Fun!

by Michael Schaefer April 18, 2012 0 Comments


Leave it to the "Little Lemon Drops & Children Helping Children's" Junior Guilds at Seattle Children's Hospital to turn pillow building into a heck of alot of fun!  As Soaring Heart volunteers they spent an afternoon building our top quality all natural shredded latex pillows as gifts for Children's 2012 Nurse Appreciation Week (May 6-12).  Tasked with assuring each of our organic cotton cases had exactly 3 pounds of soft, fluffy latex it quickly became clear that each pillow was packed to overflowing with love, laughter and joy.  By the end of the day our truck was packed full of smiles destined to be shared with every nurse lucky enough to cuddle up with one of these great pillows.

Thank you Children's for all the work you do for our community.  It makes our hearts soar to support your team.  

Mike Schaefer, Owner, Soaring Heart


Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer