What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

What's in a name?  It's a question I hear thrown around a lot. A few days ago, I asked myself that very question:  What is in a name? At the time of my musings, we were photographing our zoned latex mattress, called the Madrona.  Now, I'm not one to dwell in the realm of the abstract, so I decided to apply my musings to the physical and narrowed my sights on said Madrona.

Staring at the word Madrona, I pondered for, literally, minutes.  What is in a name... Well, in Madrona, I found: mad, and, on, rad, dam, ram, androm (I probably made that word up), and Mr.  I can now see why the question is such a popular one.  There is a lot to find in a name, and it is pretty fun trying to find it.


What I think made it most difficult for me was that Madrona lacks an "e." As I said, I enjoyed myself, and not being the type of guy to hog all the fun, I’ve decided to throw one your way: Tamarack

There you go, no “e” there either, but I believe in you guys.  Let's see who finds the most!

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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson




September 12, 2012

Holy cow, Angelica! 25… Geesh. Makes my 8 for Madrona look piddly. But Madrona was harder! I bet you couldn’t find that many with Madrona…

Angelica Zito
Angelica Zito

September 12, 2012

Here goes:
1. ta
2. ma
3. tar
4. car
5. mar
6. art
7. arm
8. arc
9. ark
10. mat
11. rat
12. cat
13. mart
14. cart
15. tram
16. cram
17. rack
18. mac
19. tack
20. mark
21. karma
22. tarmac
23. ram
24. track
25. at

Thanks for the fun!

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