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New Production Facility Under Way!

by Eoin Hudson January 09, 2013 0 Comments

Soaring Heart is relocating our production to a newer  facility right next door to our showroom!

For a long time we have lamented the fact that people couldn't see our craftsmen working at their art: mattress building. Our customers are constantly asking us how our beds are made and what the process is like. We try to accommodate visitors, but the current workshop isn't really designed for observers.

The new workspace is designed for viewing. Large pane windows allow curious customers, casual passersby, or even the neighbors, to see what it takes to build a mattress by hand. And a nice awning takes care of any pesky Seattle weather.

Construction has already started and we're really excited that at last people will be able to see the quality, craftsmanship, and time that goes into every one of our mattresses, pillows, futons, and shikibutons. More updates as things progress!


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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson