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An Unlikely Pairing

by Eoin Hudson February 06, 2013 0 Comments



Let me set the stage for you:

It's early morning and you just woke up. Lying in bed, your back feels stiff and your hips are sore, shoulders tight. It doesn't make sense; when you bought the mattress, it felt fine-- what happened? You spent so much money on that mattress and it isn't that old; do you really need to go out and get a brand new one? Maybe not.

An all-natural, synthetic-free handcrafted Soaring Heart mattress topper can bring old, uncomfortable mattresses back to life--and give you your mornings back. The topper’s all- natural and organic wool, cotton, and latex conform to your body, rejuvenates your mattress and provides you with a relaxing and restorative sleep. It's a match made in heaven.

Maybe you've been reading about all the chemicals and fire retardants in bedding and you are--reasonably--becoming a little worried about what might be in your mattress. Our Eco-WoolTM or Latex Toppers are a great first step to an all-natural, chemical-free bedroom. The mattress topper (pillow top) is the part of the mattress closest to your body, so make it the healthiest.

But what if every morning as you sit, bleary-eyed and sore at the table, complaining to your partner about how uncomfortable that king-size mattress has become, but they don't see it. "Feels fine to me," they always say, much to your fury.

Just because you both like Thai food and foreign films, doesn't mean you like the same type of mattress. They may require a firmer, supportive bed and you need a softer, luxurious one. Two extra-long twin mattress toppers equal a king... you thinking what I'm thinking?

Soaring Heart mattress toppers are a win-win.


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Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson