FTC Cracks Down on Greenwashing in the Mattress Industry

by Eoin Hudson August 16, 2013 0 Comments

Good news for everyone sick of "greenwashing." The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is cracking down on the mattress industry as a whole--and Essentia Natural Memory Foam, EcoBaby, and Relief-Mart in particular--for unsupported claims that their mattresses are organic, VOC (volatile organic chemicals) free, all natural, non-offgassing, odorless, etc.

The FTC revised its Green Guide (a standard set of guidelines around green marketing and claims) in 2012 and now the first wave of violations charges are being released. The FTC has barred all companies, including Essentia, EcoBaby, and Relief-Mart from continuing to make any claims that have not been scientifically verified by true third party institutions.

The Essentia and Ecobaby orders bar the companies from making chemical-free claims, prohibit any misrepresentations about whether the companies have testing to prove the claims about their mattresses, and bar the companies from making non-toxic claims without scientific support. The Relief-Mart and Essentia orders also bar the companies from making certain types of odor claims unless they are true, not misleading, and supported by scientific evidence.  The Essentia order also bars the company from making natural claims without scientific support. Finally, the Ecobaby order prohibits the company from making misrepresentations about third-party certifications of its mattresses. - Robin Moore, Bureau of Consumer Protection

This all stems from consumers who are tired of all the padded green claims, misrepresentation, and outright lying that was--and still is--prevalent in the mattress industry. With emails, letters, websites, and social media, the natural and organic landscape is becoming a lot less rocky.

Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company applauds this action towards industry transparency and increased consumer awareness. For over thirty years we have believed that educating our customers, providing full and complete transparency, and being a resource for sleep is just as important as making the best mattresses possible. We were honored when The Mattress Matters report named us as one of only two companies that completely disclosed our construction and certifications.

For more about the charges being brought by the FTC, including each company’s transgressions, and links to further articles on the subject, you can read the FTC's July 25th release Here.

Eoin Hudson
Eoin Hudson