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April 12, 2017 0 Comments

Soaring Heart Bed

Flannel, sateen, Egyptian cotton? 300 thread count or 800?  Organic or synthetic?  If you know Soaring Heart, you know our answer to that last one.  Certified organic, always!  But everything else is up for debate.  These days, the options for linens are seemingly endless.  Where do you start?  Right here, with a few simple considerations.

Thread Count refers to woven fabrics, measuring density.  The higher the thread count, the finer the yarn.  So many manufacturers market thread count as an indication of quality when, in fact, you may find the type of fiber is a better gauge for you.  Cotton is an example of a woven fabric whereas jersey is a knit and is not measured by thread count.  Flannel is also a knit and measured in ounces.  We recommend considering certified organic cotton as a good place to start; grown using non-GMO seed without toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.  Coyuchi is a fine example.  They spin certified organic fibers into fine yarn, weave them into fabric and finish the fabric using low impact, environmentally and consumer-friendly dyes.   

 Fiber is simply what your sheets are made of.  From cotton to polyester, natural to synthetic blends, there are many options.  Natural fibers are, well, natural which puts them head and shoulders above synthetics in our book.  They breathe, helping to regulate temperature and keep you comfortable.  They tend to get softer each time you wash them and will outlast most synthetics.

What about processing?  We suggest you do your best to find products that are organically grown, steering clear of synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes and other farming and processing practices that force the environment to pay a price.  Manufacturers who maintain GOTS and GOLS certifications are a fantastic option as these are the most demanding organic certifications out there.  Yes, we’re GOTS and GOLS certified and proud of it!

Now you know a little more about thread count, fibers and processing.  But what’s the bottom line?  Which are the best, most luxurious, comfortable sheets you can buy?  That’s the easy part.  Hit up your favorite natural bedding store (insert shameless plug here) and test them out.  The best quality sheets are those that give you, personally, the best sleep experience.  There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.  It’s about where you find value, comfort and quality.  We invite you to browse our website and visit our showrooms to learn more about the benefits of organic bedding and the variety of materials you can chose from to customize your perfect sleep experience.