Yes - We support a cleaner planet!

by Michael Schaefer October 12, 2018 0 Comments


Soaring Heart is proud to support our state's efforts to implement fees on carbon polluters.  On November 6th our voters have a chance to actually do something about climate change - right now during our lifetimes.     At Soaring Heart we have always believed we need to find ways to reduce toxins in our households and do whatever we can to make a healthier planet.  By building our beds without plastics or poly fabrics, by offering 20 year mattress warranties and services to rebuild or revitalize your mattresses - we are doing our part to reduce waste and harmful carbon emissions. 

While our efforts may not seem like much - Initiative 1631 now offers us all a way to scale up and fund some long overdue investments in carbon reduction.  We know this vote will be close - and that big oil is spending millions in advertising dollars right now to confuse voters.  Meanwhile we believe the issue is crystal clear - we ALL must do something to both live healthier and reduce our impact on the planet's health.

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Michael Schaefer
Michael Schaefer