Crescent Moon Organic Dust Mite Pillow Covers

  • Crescent Moon makes dust mite-proof encasements for your pillows. Dust mites measure from 100 to 300 microns and their feces can be as small as 10 microns, which could break through many fabrics. These 280 TC 100% organic cotton barrier fabric was lab tested and proved to have an average pore size of 3.8 microns. These dust mite covers are made with no artificial barrier for your sleeping comfort.

  • We recommend pre-washing our covers in hot water and drying in a warm dryer for the best fit on your pillow.

  • Sizes

    Standard/Queen: 20 x 29”

    King: 20 x 36”

  • The pore size is 3.8 microns

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