Ergonomic Organic Latex Pillow


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Pillow Guide

Pillow Type Back Sleeper Stomach Sleeper Side Sleeper Washable Customizable
Cotton and Kapok          
Kapok Pillow          
Molded Organic Latex          
Shredded Latex Pillow          
Ergonomic Organic Latex          
Millet & Wool          
Shredded Latex and Wool          
Wool Bolus          
Firm Organic Wool          
Soft Organic Wool          
Shredded Wool
Side Dreamer Pillow Kapok        
Side Dreamer Pillow Bolus          
Side Dreamer Pillow Shredded Latex          

*Wash on cold gentle cycle. Make sure to safety pin the zipper shut to avoid a mess, and tumble dry on low or allow to air dry.

*Customizable refers to the ability to add or remove pillow fill easily to create a custom pillow loft for any customer.

  • Ergonomic Latex

    The Ergonomic Organic Latex Pillow is designed to provide exceptional support for the neck and head, relieving neck tension and strain. Its dual zones allow for both side and back sleepers to sleep comfortably as it cradles your head and provides your neck with extra support by forming to its unique curvature which alleviates strain on the muscles and vertebrae.

    Keeping the neck, head, and spine properly aligned reduces tension and opens up your airways, which can decrease snoring and other sinus-related issues, promoting a deeper, more relaxing night's rest.

    Like the Natural Latex Pillow, the Ergonomic Organic Latex Pillow will hold its shape for years, requiring no fluffing, shaking, or shaping. You get the same pillow every night, night after night and the latex's natural open cell structure doesn't retain body heat, thus keeping the pillow cool and you comfortable.

    Includes removable washable cover.

    *The contoured ergonomic pillows are 17" X 24", 2 ½" high in the middle, 4" on one the smaller side and 5" on the taller side. Approximate weight is 3.8 lbs 

  • This Soaring Heart Product is GOTS certified. We are proud that the latex used in our mattresses, pillows, and more is GOLS certified latex which is more than 95% organic.

  • Standard/Queen: 20" x 26"


  • Be sure to protect your pillow from dust, stains, and drool with a Soaring Heart 100% Organic Cotton pillowcase.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ciby Mathews
Very good investment

I love this pillow! I first got this as a complementary one when i ordered the mattress and i ended up getting the pair to it and absolutely love it!

Edmee Vallecillo
Very good.

Very good.

Carroll, Megan
Love this pillow

I was first introduced to this pillow at my massage therapists office. I laid on it and was blown away. I finally pulled the trigger and bought one for myself, and it does not disappoint. I have neck issues and this pillow helps me relax my neck completely. I should mention that I use this pillow when I want to lie down on my back; I have broad shoulders and it would not provide enough support for me in side lying.

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