Organic Bedrolls (Insert)

  • Organic Bedrolls are a timeless classic updated to meet Soaring Heart's standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our supportive bedrolls are made with only the highest-quality certified organic materials available and constructed using the same techniques our talented craftsmen have acquired over thirty years of making our organic mattresses, futons, and shikibutons. With the organic cotton & wool bedroll, you can sleep easy knowing that you have purchased a handmade product that is built for comfort and longevity.

    Versatility is the hallmark of our Organic Bedroll, providing a quick and easy sleeping surface for guests or children; for travel, or camping; as a cushion for window seats, and more. Buy the washable, decorative cotton cover to protect your investment, and use the attached ties to easily roll up your bedroll when finished and store it until it’s needed again.

  • When we say all natural and organic, we mean it. Since 1982 Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company has been making mattresses and bedding using time-tested techniques, honed and polished over three decades. Soaring Heart makes everything by hand and uses only the highest quality, certified organic, materials available.

    Soaring Heart works closely with our suppliers.  We travel to their operations, getting to know them and their materials.  We collaborate with our suppliers so we can meet and exceed our exacting standards. We take huge pride in our products and in all the people behind them.

    It's because of these special relationships with our suppliers and their wonderful organic wool, organic latex, organic cotton and their commitment to upholding organic certifications that we aren’t forced to spoil our products with chemicals or synthetics. No Soaring Heart product has any chemical-based foam or synthetic fire retardants whatsoever.

    The wool and cotton encasements in this product are GOTS certified.

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  • Organic Bedrolls are made exclusively using 100% USDA certified organic American-grown long-fiber cotton and Premium Organic Wool, a blend of eight breeds of sheep wool gathered from small family farms along the California and Oregon coasts.

    Our Organic Bedrolls are 24 inches wide by 72 inches long with a 3-4 inch loft. For prolonged sleeping, we recommend using a mattress pad.


       *Weight      *Size
    BEDROLL     18     24 X 72 X 3.25
  • Do not attempt to wash any pillows, zabuton, decorative pillow or bedroll inserts that are made with cotton batting or wool batting. They may be gently spot cleaned with water and mild detergent or rubbing alcohol if necessary, but don't try to remove them or put them in the washing machine.

    Be sure to protect your pillow from dust, stains, and other containment's with a Soaring Heart 100% Organic Cotton Zabuton, Bolster, Decorative Throw or Bedroll Cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristina K.
So comfortable!

I love this thing - I bring it out for myself to lounge on or for guests. It's the right density and the roll-up ties keep it nice and organized.

John S.
Love my organic bedroll!

I use my bedroll at my office to take mid-day naps. It is extremely comfortable and well-made. I love spreading the word about Soaring Heart to my colleagues!