Soaring Heart Organic Sateen Pillow Cases

  • Soaring Heart makes a variety of pillows in a variety of sizes and shapes. While we sell wonderful pillowcases in the standard/queen and king sizes from 100% Organic Cotton. Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is first and foremost a mattress and bedding manufacturer, so when customers came to us looking for pillowcases that fit their Side Dreamer, travel, medium, small, and mini sized pillows we were able to simply make them ourselves.

    All of our pillowcases are made of 100% USDA certified organic cotton sateen and are available in an open-Design. Our pillowcases are natural, which is an off-white ivory.

  • When we say all natural and organic, we mean it. Since 1982 Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company has been making mattresses and bedding using time-tested techniques, honed and polished over three decades. Soaring Heart makes everything by hand and uses only the highest quality, certified organic, materials available.

    Soaring Heart works closely with our suppliers.  We travel to their operations, getting to know them and their materials.  We collaborate with our suppliers so we can meet and exceed our exacting standards. We take huge pride in our products and in all the people behind them.

    It's because of these special relationships with our suppliers and their wonderful organic wool, organic latex, organic cotton and their commitment to upholding organic certifications that we aren’t forced to spoil our products with chemicals or synthetics. No Soaring Heart product has any chemical-based foam or synthetic fire retardants whatsoever.

    Our latex is made from pure rubber tree sap, we use organic wool as our fire barrier and it is selected from only the finest sheep farms in New Zealand, and our Cotton is 100% organically grown in the cotton fields of Texas. Nothing but good, honest organic materials provided by good, honest people.

    The wool and cotton encasements in this product are GOTS certified.

    GOTS logo
  • Cover Size
    KIDS/TRAVEL 15" x 22"
    STANDARD 21" x 30"
    KING 21" x 40"
    BODY PILLOW - (SMALL) 16" x 52"
    BODY PILLOW - (LARGE) 16" x 72"
    BUCKWHEAT - (MINI) 8" x 14"
    BUCKWHEAT - (SMALL) 13" x 18"
    BUCKWHEAT - (MEDIUM) 15" x 22"
    Ergonomic 21" x 30"
  • Wash pillow case in cool water in washing machine using a mild detergent and tumble dry on low heat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kazumi Ohara
Great experience

It’s has been my dream come true. No more pain in my body and be able to stand up as I wake up. I will tell everyone I know about my experience and in fact, I am bringing my friend to get a bed topper next week. This is my 4th referral.
Thank you for being there for me. I really enjoy what I purchased.

Scott McKinley
Buckwheat hull pillows are the bomb

I think these pillows are better than anything I've ever tried. Once you get the right amount of buckwheat hulls into the pillow, it's pretty easy to use. I move my head back and forth to create a depression deep enough so that my neck gets an equal and predictable support. My partner has switched to these pillows also. They are a fair bit heavier/dense, so they might be a bit dangerous in an all-out pillow fight.

Carol Merrifield
Love my organic pillow cases!

Comfortable AND organic. I also appreciated that they had small sized organic pillow cases for my tiny pillows. I love them!

Walt Kropp

We ordered a wool pillow, a pillow case for the wool/millet pillow, and a wool/millet hull pillow for my wife. She finds the wool/millet hull pillow helpful for relief from a cervical injury. I find the wool pillow comfortable. It was recommended we purchase a pillow case because the wool/millet pillow was ‘trapezoidal’ and the pillow case was made to fit. The wool pillow does not appear trapezoidal nor does it resemble the stacked design in the picture. The millet hulls seem to break down quicker than was expected and we will need to add back some of the 2 cups we removed when first received.

sam omans
Did not receive item

Please contact me