Organic Wool Pillows


Size Guide

Pillow Guide

Pillow Type Back Sleeper Stomach Sleeper Side Sleeper Washable Customizable
Cotton and Kapok          
Kapok Pillow          
Molded Organic Latex          
Shredded Latex Pillow          
Ergonomic Organic Latex          
Millet & Wool          
Shredded Latex and Wool          
Wool Bolus          
Firm Organic Wool          
Soft Organic Wool          
Shredded Wool
Side Dreamer Pillow Kapok        
Side Dreamer Pillow Bolus          
Side Dreamer Pillow Shredded Latex          

*Wash on cold gentle cycle. Make sure to safety pin the zipper shut to avoid a mess, and tumble dry on low or allow to air dry.

*Customizable refers to the ability to add or remove pillow fill easily to create a custom pillow loft for any customer.

  • Our springy-soft organic wool pillows are made by combining over 30 years experience at the forefront of our industry with time-tested materials. Our organic wool is resilient yet yielding, which makes for a wonderful pillow. When you include the additional benefits of wool, such as moisture, mold, and dust mite resistance, thermal regulation--keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter--and antimicrobial properties, you just may have the perfect pillow.

    Firm Organic Wool Pillow

    Ideal for side sleepers, this thick and lofty wool pillows will fill the space between your shoulders and head, helping to keep your neck and spine in proper alignment. Handcrafted from many layers of organic wool batting and encased in 100% organic, American grown cotton, these fluffy pillows are as pure and comfortable as a cloud.

    Soft Organic Wool Pillow

    Perfect for people who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach these wool pillows will fill the contours of your neck, keeping your head properly elevated and in good alignment with the spine. Each pillow is made by hand here in our Seattle shop from layers of 100% organic wool and American grown organic cotton.

    Note: All pillow sales are final.

  • When we say all natural and organic, we mean it. Since 1982 Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company has been making mattresses and bedding using time-tested techniques, honed and polished over three decades. Soaring Heart makes everything by hand and uses only the highest quality, certified organic, materials available.

    Soaring Heart works closely with our suppliers.  We travel to their operations, getting to know them and their materials.  We collaborate with our suppliers so we can meet and exceed our exacting standards. We take huge pride in our products and in all the people behind them.

    It's because of these special relationships with our suppliers and their wonderful organic wool, organic latex, organic cotton and their commitment to upholding organic certifications that we aren’t forced to spoil our products with chemicals or synthetics. No Soaring Heart product has any chemical-based foam or synthetic fire retardants whatsoever.

    Our latex is made from pure rubber tree sap, we use organic wool as our fire barrier and it is selected from only the finest sheep farms in New Zealand, and our Cotton is 100% organically grown in the cotton fields of Texas. Nothing but good, honest organic materials provided by good, honest people.

    The wool and cotton encasements in this product are GOTS certified.

  • Standard/Queen: 20" x 26"

    King: 20" x 36"

    Travel/Kids: 14" x 20"

  • Organic Wool Pillows, both soft and firm, cannot be washed. Please use a pillowcase to keep your pillow clean. In case of an accident, use a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to spot clean the pillow. Air dry outside, preferably on a sunny day (sunlight acts as a natural dry clean for wool).


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Neck Pain No More!

This company ... was an absolute joy to do business with. After a problem with my order, which was apparently due to a warehousing issue, I was able to speak with someone in the company who set my mind at ease and corrected the matter right away. In deciding to do business with these good folks in the first place, I was impressed by the photos online of the people who work here and make the items. Right here in the USA. Especially dear to my heart was the fact that the employee told me that the cotton covering these pillows is organically grown right here in Texas. These pillows are not cheap. But I was experiencing debilitating neck pain that was causing me to suffer terrible headaches every day. I wondered if anything could help and decided to try organic (of course!) wool pillows. I bought one firm and one soft. Together they work a charm. I definitely plan to buy other items here in the future. The quality is much higher than anything I've bought in years (possibly ever) regarding bedding. Soaring Heart really CARES. This is a company to support and which will (literally) support you as well. My highest praise ... thank you so much for improving the quality of my life. We spend so much time in bed. Good quality bedding is more important than most people realize. ❤️😴🛌

Laura Grignon
Cloudfull Experience

Like sleeping on a cloud.

Linda broun
Good night's sleep

I received my firm side sleeping pillow. When I opened the box I thought it's pretty firm. After my first night's sleep I realized how well I slept and from then on was sold on this product

Lori Robertson
Awesome pillow

This is a wonderful product! Love it.

Robert Boston
Best pillows ever!!!

These pillows are amazing! I sleep better and way more comfortably than ever. I cannot stress enough how great these pillows are for your sleep!

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